Basics of Energetic Protection

Basics of Energetic Protection

HSP: if you want to get on with your life - family, friends, work - this book gives you the insights and techniques that you need!

The authors are senior coaches who have given tens of thousands of sessions and numerous workshops and trainings on HSP. Based on this work they have published 3 books on Energetic Protection. Each of these books stands by itself, meaning you can read them in any order you like. The content of these three books is for at least 80% unique, not overlapping with any of the other books on Energetic Protection.
The authors have their base in the Netherlands. They give sessions worldwide by Skype, Facetime of phone in English, German and Dutch. You can find more information on their website:

Their research and approach to HSP is highly practical: what is going on, what makes HSP possible and how can it be reversed, changed so that people can get on with their lives.

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About the Book

This book applies to everyone working with people, from hairdressers to coaches, although it is written with Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) in mind. The first part is about understanding the basics of energetic communication between people and with your environment through the aura and chakras, i.e. beyond the physical senses. It can be captured in 11 basic laws. Insight into these laws makes it easier to understand energetic communication in general and high sensitivity in particular. What makes a person highly sensitive? In very clear language it is explained how the aura and chakras contribute to high sensitivity. More importantly, in the second part of the book, many exercises are given. They help you to protect yourself at the energy level and diminish the negative aspects of high sensitivity. They are developed specifically for Highly Sensitive Persons and have been well tested for over 20 years. This book offers: – Solid introduction about energetic communication between people and the environment – Insight into the why and how behind High Sensitivity – Valuable break-down of energetic communication in 11 laws – Wide range of exercises addressing various energetic aspects: strengthening solar plexus, clearing a space, connecting with heart energy, regulating breathing and using body language – Theory and corresponding exercises how to deal with high sensitivity.

Genre: HSP
Publisher: De Verbinding
Publication Year: 2018
Format: kindle; paperback
Length: 211 pages
Illustrator: Erika Landman
ISBN: 9781523742035
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