Help and insight around dying

Help and insight around dying

Death is being born in another dimension. It is of great value to assist the soul on this proces of transformation. You can do so much!

Dying is... being born in another dimension. So, yes, there is life after death. This statement raises many questions such as: what does the world look like after death? What is the connection between that world and the one we are living in here on earth? How can we help people in the process of dying? Is contact possible after death?

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About the Book

In this book, you will find
– Clear and transparent answers about death, and the process of dying
– Explanation of what you can do to be of value to the dying person
– Explanation how you can help the soul after the body has died
– Hands-on descriptions: ‘how do you apply it?’, ‘what is possible?’
– Insights into various aspects such as the relation between this and the astral world, what happens during a funeral/cremation, feelings related dying, and what is a soul?

It is a book for those that believe in life after death and want to deal with it in a meaningful way.

Publisher: De Verbinding
Publication Year: 2016
Format: kind
Length: 105 pages
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