Raising children in love

Raising children in love

Raising your children in love: to become free, strong, independent, beautifull adults, living and relating from their heart.

This book is about raising your children: without making them feel guilty; without punishment in any form. This is possible by connecting with the child from heart to heart; by communicating from heart to heart; by learning children how to live your life in this depth. We explain our concepts and bring to live with numerous examples.

The authors both worked (and still work) with children and adults for over 30 years in their private practise in the Netherlands. Based on their work they published 11 books, of wich some have been translated in English, German and Spanish. More information you can find on their website: www.de-verbinding.com

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About the Book

Love is a level of consciousness. As a parent you can raise your child while being at this level; and you can invite your child to relate with itself, with you and with the world at this level. How do you do that? It is what this book is about. The book offers – Explanation of the (spiritual) development of a child, including teenage years – Introduction to the importance of learning to feel, the relevance of communication, the I-power, and power of thought – Information about assisting the child to become independent, value of values, nourishing nourishment, nurturing environment, and the development of the I – Insight into various challenging aspects such as puberty, social media/gaming, alcohol/drugs, disorders, divorce, and education This book is our gift to parents and children.
Translated by Tanja Oldenziel.

Genres: Education, Psychology
Publisher: De Verbinding
Publication Year: 2017
Format: kindle; paperback
Length: 241 pages
ASIN: 1543011799
ISBN: 9781543011791
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