De Verbinding

Connecting with your self

Being connected

There where you’ve gone out of touch with yourself, we will help you to reconnect. This could be achieved at all levels of the human being: physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually. The objective of our work is for you to live your life from your own place of inner strength, insight and truth.

We work using conversations, knowledge transfer, kinesiology and techniques that directly affect the energy body of the human being. We use flower remedies with clients to whom this is appropriate. We usually provide exercises to support the continuation of your process at home.

We offer consultations and trainings. Our books describe our work in clear, accessible language. Each book offers a combination of explanations and practical exercises.

During our entire life, in our trainings and in our work, we both aim to coach people to be in deeper connection with themselves and to live from that foundation.

Read our Covid-19 Guidelines

Remote coaching by video call

Video calls are the safest way for coaching during covid-19. Almost all coaching we do in English or German is by video call: welcome!

face to face coaching

The Dutch government provides guidelines for face to face contact in relation to Covid-19. We stick to these guidelines. Of course we practise high standards of hygene. 

In case you have any reason to believe you might be infected with covid-19, we ask you to cancel a  face to face session. You will not have to pay that session. 


We work with people of all ages. We coach individuals, (married) couples and parents with children. We do this in our practice and via video calls. We give our coaching sessions in Dutch either by one or both of us (together). Sessions in English and German are given by Fons.


We have developed training courses that we present to small groups. We do this in our practice and in the summer in our lovely garden. The atmosphere is relaxed, positive, respectful. These are generally in Dutch. Online trainings and video training  in English are coming soon.


We have written 11 practical books about our work. In all of the books we give insights, examples and exercises/techniques. It is this combination as well as the simple language that readers really appreciate. Many of these books are available in English.

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In our work as coaches, we often see that people cannot liberate themselves from certain emotions. In this e-book we describe in detail one of our most effective techniques that we use in these cases. As a gift we offer this to you to try yourself. We hope this booklet will contribute to your well-being.


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Stay connected

Do you have a question? Please use the contact form. You can also contact us by telephone on week days from 9:15 to 10:00 AM CET.