Fons & Patricia

Our craft is looking at who you are, what it is you need, how you would like to develop yourself.


We have both been working with people for over 40 years.

We both have a background in regular care providing and were looking for more depth. We have conducted an intensive search together over the past 20 years. We have both gone through various developments. The most important development is undoubtedly closely related to our research, education and personal development in the field of Eastern philosophy, spirituality and healing. The knowledge we have received in this area forms the basis of our view of mankind on which our way of providing help is based. Our work is to bring these seemingly different worlds together. This makes us real innovators in our field of work: substantive and methodical. Our work in the field of HSP is an example of this. We have thoroughly researched how high sensitivity is possible. Without Eastern concepts such as aura, chakras and higher Self we would never have been able to investigate this topic in such depth. Our psychological background made it possible to make the translation into human life: what the interaction is between this energy body and a person’s life experiences.

Writing books together, giving trainings and giving consultations, we always experience as inspiring, deepening and complementing.

Fons Delnooz

Fons Delnooz


In 1983 I graduated in orthopedagogy / as a remedial educationalist. Since then I have developed myself further as a coach. I started this quest where the university stops. It has brought me enormous enrichment both as a human being as well as a social worker. Together with Patricia I have done a lot of research into how people in the East – especially in India – regard people, say Eastern psychology and spirituality. Eastern psychology has many layers, depths beyond Western psychology. We have started to integrate this in our way of looking at people and providing help. This makes us real innovators in our field. Western psychology works in particular with people’s behaviour, emotions and thoughts.

Eastern psychology shows us the way to a layer within us beyond all that emotional turmoil, in which many people are trapped. A layer where there is peace, harmony and wisdom. We teach you how you can be in touch with that layer and from there to live your life and heal your pains. Another layer in oriental psychology is the energy body of man. I work at that level, because there is so much to be gained for people there. I like to make this as concrete and tangible as possible, so that people recognise it and can work with it at home.

I like to work with resources that work on the energy level: flower remedies, homeopathy, bioresonance. I most often provide individual sessions, but I also enjoy giving trainings.

From our practice in our small village we work with people all over the world, in Dutch, English and German. I frequently work with people who live from different faiths and cultures, where I enjoy helping people transcend within their own frameworks and traditions. I’ve been doing this profession for about 40 years with love and dedication. I think it is a wonderful profession.

Patricia Martinot

Patricia Martinot


For about 40 years I’ve been guiding people through processes of change. I started in health care as a district nurse and worked with people from all walks of life. After studying kinesiology I started a practice and now I have been working as an independent coach for about 25 years. My approach is to help people connect with their inner strength. I focus on the uniqueness of each person: who are you, what do you want in your life, how is your communication with yourself? This means discovering who you are, standing up for that and step by step establishing that.

I guide you in the search where you have gone out of connection with yourself. How you can restore that connection and how you can make your choices in life from your own inner truth in this very moment. What action can you take right now to actually establish this. Daring to feel again or connecting thinking and feeling is often part of restoring the inner strength.

We develop ourselves and get to know ourselves by communicating openly with ourselves about our problems, obstacles, our pains, our (hidden) desires and talents. I enjoy supporting you with that. This is a consciousness-development path in which you take responsibility for your process and which you can shape in your own authentic way. It is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself!

I also enjoy working with women. Many women have partly lost touch with their female core: instead of living out of inner strength, they have often adapted too much to their environment. I help you to deepen the connection with your inner strength, to live your life from there.

In my work I am powerful, clear and respectful.

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