General information

Sinds 2000 we have written 11 books. 6 of these titles are now available in English, 3 in Dutch, a few in German and in Spanish. All the non-Dutch publications are available through Amazon.

Info about English books on Amazon

Below you will find helpful instructions about purchasing our English books at Amazon. Most are available either as paper copy or Kindle Ebook.

About Kindle

  • You do not need a Kindle Reader!
  • You can either read
    • through their free online Kindle Cloud reader, which opens in your Safari/Chrome/etc browser. You login with your Amazon account. Or
    • install a free Kindle Reading app on your own device.
  • Kindle books are available in US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, JP, NL, BR, CA, MX, AU and IN.
  • If Amazon does not have a website in your country, try out which Amazon website allows you to purchase the Kindle book. For example, from Holland you can purchase Kindle books from the site but not from

About papercopy

  • Available in US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, and JP
  • If Amazon does not have a presence in your country, shop around at the other websites of Amazon. Postage and delivery time can vary significantly between their sites. So pay attention. The book will be exactly the same regardless of the amazon site!