Basics of energetic protection – Ebook

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This book is written for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) but equally applies to everyone working with people, from hairdressers to coaches. The first part is about understanding high sensitivity and basics of energetic communication. What makes a person highly sensitive? In very clear language it is explained how the aura and chakras contribute to high sensitivity. High sensitivity is about communicating with your environment through the aura and chakras, that is beyond the physical senses. This energetic interaction can be captured in 11 basic laws. Understanding these laws makes it easier to understand the high sensitivity and energetic communication in general. In the second part of the book, many exercises are given. They help you to protect yourself at the energy level and diminish the negative aspects of high sensitivity. They are developed specifically for Highly Sensitive Persons and have been well tested for over 20 years. The books ‘Energetic Protection’ and the ‘Handbook of Energetic Protection’ can be read independently. All three emphasize different aspects and introduce distinct techniques for dealing with highly sensitivity.