Dealing with emotions: Effectively, easily: techniques for living happily



We have both been studying and working for over 30 years in the field of helping people deal with
their emotional and mental problems. In this e-book we will teach you our most effective technique
for dealing with your emotions. Over the years we have, successfully, taught this technique to
numerous people. Why? Because it works!

If people do not know how to effectively deal with their emotions, they will either suppress them, or
they will experience them over and over again, which can lead to all kinds of emotional, mental and
physical problems. Using our technique, painful emotions can change in seconds, so there won’t be
any need for prolonged suffering by experiencing painful emotions over and over again, or by bearing
the consequences of structurally suppressing your emotions. You will find that our technique is
surprisingly easy. You just have to know how it is done, and then do it!
Our technique consists of 3 principles that need to be practiced simultaneously. If you skip any of the
three it will not work. We will describe the elements one by one, and then give you an overview of
the technique.

This e-book is the first of a series of 3 e-books on dealing with emotions. In the second e-book we
will describe another wonderful technique to deal with emotions, and we will teach you how to
combine this technique with the technique described in the first book. In the third e-book we will
teach you how to shift from the emotional layer of consciousness into the spiritual dimension of your
consciousness, and how this technique can be combined with the techniques from the first and
second e-book. We recommend that the techniques are mastered in the sequence that we offer

We hope that this e-book contributes to restoring happiness for many people.
Fons Delnooz and Patricia Martinot