Energetic protection paperback on Amazon

Energetic Protection – paperback on Amazon



Wherever people meet physically, they influence each other energetically, regardless of distance. A personal experience of the author opened his eyes to these energy exchanges. In this book, these exchanges are clearly described. It also explains how sudden tiredness, irritation, apathy, pain, and also a burn-out could be caused by energetic contact(s) between people.

This book is written for (energetically) sensitive people and anyone interested to learn more about the body as an energy system. It is an action-book full of clear, hands-on exercises.

What the book will give you:
– Information about the body as an energy system including aura, chakras and meridians
– Explanation how people communicate energetically (we all do!)
– Introduction how to perceive when/where you give away / absorb energy
– Insight into kinesiology, reiki, healing, pendulum, flower remedies, tao in relation to our energy system
– Exercises how to protect the body from energetic pollution, i.e. stop unwanted energy entering your body
– Practical advice on how to maintain a healthy energy system

Energetic protection is a must-have educational book relevant to a wide variety of fields, including physical and energy therapies.