Handbook of energetic protection Ebook

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Ebook: Handbook of Energetic Protection by Fons Delnooz and Patricia Martinot



This book brings you the most helpful insights and effective exercises about energetic protection and dealing with High Sensitivity. It captures the deepening of our insights and the many new techniques since the publication of our first book in 2000. The concepts and exercises in this book are described in a very clear language that everybody can understand.

The book will help you
– gain insight into how energetic communication works, including an explanation about aura, chakra and the conscience centre
– understand the importance of grounding and energy flow
– learn techniques to protect yourself at the energy level to avoid energy drainage and pollution
– be more in contact with your inner world and less open to external influences
– understand and deal with high sensitivity, and potentially reverse it

High sensitivity is a function of the aura and of the chakras. They are perceiving too much outwardly and often too little inwardly. As a result, you are too open and vulnerable to external energetic impressions of other people and the environment. Usually, it also means you are not able to feel yourself well. The exercises in this book are effective, yet pragmatic and easy to follow and execute.